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¡Gracias! Thank you for your support of the Elementary Spanish Program (ESP). We appreciate the opportunity to share Spanish with your child and to help him/her begin a journey in becoming a multi-lingual world citizen. In order to show our gratitude for your participation in the program, ESP is offering students a discount on 2010/11 tuition if they register this spring. This discount is extended to all registrations and payments that ESP receives before May 15, 2010.

All of our classes have followed the “Viva el Español!” or “Español con los Pérez” curriculum; as a result, your child should experience a seamless transition to the next class level. The progression of ESP’s classes is Auditory 1, Auditory 2, Reading and Writing, Advanced Reading and Writing, and Spanish Literature. The only exception is Auditory 1 Old graduates (a first level for older students), who should now register for Reading and Writing. For example, if your child completed Auditory 1 Old or Auditory 2 classes for 2009/10, he/she will register for Reading and Writing for 2010/11.

Your child should have received a registration form for next year at their end-of-semester Fiesta. Additional registration forms for ESP classes in BVSD, JeffCo, Adams 12, Denver Public Schools, Lyons Elementary, private, and charter schools are available in the literature display at your child’s school and online.

Register by choosing any of the following options:

  • Online
  • Mail the registration form with a check to 1919 14th Street, Suite 421, Boulder, CO 80302
  • Fax the form to (303) 998-1592 and mail a check to the ESP office
  • Call ESP at (303)440-7196 to register by phone

All St. Vrain Valley School District parents (except Lyons Elementary) should contact their Community Schools office for registration materials.

Hygiene (720) 652-8021

Niwot (303) 652-2452

We look forward to seeing your child next year. Please contact the ESP office with any questions at 202-440-7196. ¡Hasta pronto!

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Graduating from the Elementary Spanish Program

Students who are graduating from the ESP program are well prepared for successful years of Spanish in middle and high school. The ESP curriculum includes what is covered during Spanish I (middle or high school), albeit in a different format geared for young learners.

ESP graduates have the following options:

Enroll in Spanish I in middle school. ESP students will be at the top of the class, confident that they are well prepared and familiar with the subject. Our students will enter the class with knowledge of the language and culture, proper pronunciation, a strong vocabulary base, established communicative skills, and basic grammar. Our graduates’ success will encourage them to develop more skills and pursue the language.

In general, students only pick up a percentage of what is presented in class. ESP students who choose this option have the ability to pick up the majority of what is taught in class and continue strengthening their speaking skills. It is no secret that students sometimes only practice what is required to pass the tests, which does not necessarily include developing communication skills or mastering the language.

Test into a higher level of Spanish in order to be challenged with higher-learning aspects of language. Some students perform at a higher level if continuously exposed to new material. This is recommended for students who are strong in grammar skills in both English and Spanish.

Best wishes to all ESP graduates for successful and continued Spanish learning. You are on the right track.

* In order to be eligible to take the AP Spanish examination, a student must have taken Spanish level 4 or the equivalent. To be eligible to take the IB Spanish HL Exam, a student must take at least Spanish 1 in middle school and be in Spanish 5 as a high school senior.

Pen Pals in Mexico City

Teacher's Apple

As part of the many activities in my ESP Reading and Writing class this year, we started a pilot program called “Amigos por Correspondencia,” a pen-pal program with children that live in Mexico City. I contacted schools in Mexico City, where I grew up, and received a positive response to the program from teachers of English classes there.

The students were excited about the idea, and after asking permission from the parents, we started writing our first letters. It was incredible to see the students’ enthusiasm for Spanish language grow with this project. They started asking questions: “How do you say this? What is this? How do you spell that?” For me, as a teacher, I felt very happy and proud; the seed that the parents planted a few years ago was continuing to grow.

One of our goals is that students of all Reading and Writing classes will have the opportunity to start a friendship with a child that is a native Spanish speaker, so they can both learn and share their cultures. I want to congratulate the parents who have given the kids the opportunity to become bilingual; it is one of the best opportunities that you can give a child.

Next school year we will expand the pen-pal program to include more ESP students. We are at this point working with two schools in Mexico City: El Centro Escolar Educa and Escuela de Proactive English.

Welcome The Academy


The Elementary Spanish Program is excited to welcome The Academy to our family of schools. The Academy is a K-8 charter school located in Westminster. In late January 2010, Ann Richards, a mother of two Academy students, requested that ESP start our Spanish language classes at the school. Ms. Mitzy Lurvey, the principal for the elementary school, was very receptive to the idea of providing extracurricular Spanish classes to her students. Her assistant, Allison Bryson, worked very hard to distribute informational fliers, find rooms, and coordinate the students, parents, and teachers in order to make the program a success.

An enthusiastic response led to the creation of three different ESP Spanish classes for The Academy children, grades K-4. The children are enjoying their introduction to Spanish language and culture, following the curriculum of ¡Viva el Español! They are learning basic vocabulary through songs and games, and they all have age-appropriate workbooks to reinforce what they are learning in class.

The Elementary Spanish Program congratulates The Academy for giving their students the opportunity to learn Spanish at an early age. We are very proud to work in a community that values foreign language learning and hope other community representatives will be inspired by Ms. Lurvey, Ann Richards, and the staff at The Academy.

2009-2010 School-year Statistics

  • 738 students
  • 75 classes
  • 49 teachers
  • 28 schools
  • 16 scholarships awarded

We appreciate your support


The Elementary Spanish Program is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization. Your donation will be highly appreciated and is tax-deductible!

ESP thanks its many volunteers and donors whose generosity makes it possible to keep our tuition affordable. In particular, we’d like to recognize:

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ESP Computer Maintenance & Repair - Joe Barger

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ESP CD Cover

ESP Song CD, lyrics, & translation are available for a suggested $5 donation.

ESP is not sponsoring Spanish Language Camps this summer. However, one of our teachers, Ana (Kena) Guttridge will be offering Spanish camps at her Farm in Longmont. Please see www.ollinfarms.com for more information.

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