Elementary Spanish Program

Elementary Spanish Program

1919 14th Street, Suite 421, Boulder, CO 80302

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The ESP's mission is to bridge cultural barriers, educate young children, and prepare them for life in our world community through teaching Spanish.


These games are a fun way for children to practice Spanish at home with their parents. All games are designed to be created with simple materials and will be learner directed, so that the parent does not need to know much, if any Spanish.

¿A Qué Hora Haces Esto? (What time do you do this?)
Body Parts Puzzle
Countries and Capitals
El Restaurante (The Restaurant)
Gin Rummy
Lotería (Bingo)
Memoria (Memory)
Pesca (Go Fish)
Simón Dice (Simon Says)
Tic Tac Toe
Transportation Race
Treasure Hunt
Voy de Vacaciones (I'm going on vacation)
Yo Quiero Jugar Afuera (I want to play outside)
Yo Veo (I Spy)


Try our newest game: the online version of Yo Veo (I Spy)!

Thanks to students in the Technology for Community class at the University of Colorado for developing this game for us!

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